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To Whom It May Concern:


We have utilised the services of Townsville Transport Services for approximately seven years.


During this time we have found the team at Townsville Transport Services to be an efficient and extremely well organised operation. Townsville Transport's fleet caters for all our requirements no matter how small or large.


As Australia's leading Distribution Company, we rely heavily on the service that Townsville Transport Services provides.  They have made it their business to know our business and as a result know our expectations and deliver them to the end as well as often exceeding them.


Townsville Transport Services are an integral part of our business and utilising their extensive network assists us in ensuring our operation runs smoothly while at the same time having the confidence that our own needs are being met.


The team at Townsville Transport Services have extensive knowledge and experience in the transport industry which is evident and demonstrated regularly through their association with us and is also reflected in the tight operation that Townsville Transport Services run. 


Yours sincerely,

Gail Williams

Sadliers Logistics



To Whom It May Concern,



I have worked as a business consultant for Townsville Transport Services for two years, and I have known Darryl & the Downey Family personally for several years.



In the past two years, I have witnessed spectacular growth, this can be attributed to the reputation and reliability of Townsville Transport Services and their passion for the transport industry.  I consider the company’s management to be decisive and to possess business acumen.



Townsville Transport Services is a community minded company, supporting many good causes, including Camp Quality, & The Umbrella Network.   



I would not hesitate to recommend Townsville Transport Services as a company who care and whom you should trust.



Danielle Eastlake

Lighthouse Consulting Townsville




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