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Family Owned & Operated


Townsville Transport Services has been operating Townsville over 30 years.  In 2007 the Downey Family, a well known born and bred Townsville family, became owner operators of this already established successful family business.  We now trade as Townsville Transport Services (TTS).  As a family, together, we have over 178 years of business experience. 


It is our vision and mission to set the benchmark in a family run enterprise by exacting standards in transportation services for a wide range of industries.  Also, to be the preferred provider of transport solutions in the markets that we choose to operate. We operate a profitable business – a business which has mutual respect with its employees and provides a quality service to its customers. 


How We Operate


Townsville Transport Services is a large, very successful business and we believe one of the main reasons for that success is that the owners, executive team and senior management are all heavily involved in the operation of the business.  We have a “hands on” culture so its not unusual for the owners to take bookings, work on the dock and do deliveries during peak periods. 


Having a flat management structure means the top people are very close to the staff at the coal face and this provides fantastic opportunities for decision makers to understand who the Townsville Transport Services customers are, what their needs are, and how to meet them in practical ways.


We focus on the constant and never ending improvement of our business, which means we are a highly compelling alternative in the marketplace.  It also means we are more innovative in both the services we offer and the manner we deliver them.



Experienced freight & logistics specialists


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