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Compliance & Accreditation are priorities

As a family owned and operated business, Townsville Transport Services is 100% committed to guaranteeing the safety of our drivers.

In a marketplace where delivery deadlines and constraints are becoming increasingly challenging, maintaining this focus on safety and comfort is even more important.


As a result, Townsville Transport Services work closely with our customers and staff to ensure the best result all round with on time, safe delivery of goods.  Our logistical, operational team, load crews and drivers are all highly experienced and qualified, carrying all the necessary accreditations and more to be able to determine the most appropriate schedules, routes and loads that meet our customers’ deadlines while remaining 100% safety compliant.


In addition to formal accreditation, Townsville Transport Services has also developed a number of internal policies and procedures to help ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Assurance practices.  Copies of these policies are available on request.

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