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Townsville Transport Services provide a quality transport service and have a fleet of 14 trucks ranging from Body Trucks to Semi's available to meet your requirements:


  • Intrastate travel

  • Delivery of goods

  • Delivery of pallets

  • General Freight

  • Contract Distribution

  • Dedicated/outsourced transport services

  • Container transport

  • Container unpack/pack services

  • Internodal Rail Logistics

  • Overflow and short term transport services

  • Inter and Instrastate transport services (including pickup, crossdock and delivery)


TTS provide the transportation requirements locally and regionally to a wide range of industries and our services include but are not limited to the logistics, storage and delivery of:


  • Palletised Products

  • Container Transport

  • Alcohole

  • Bulk Products:

    • cement

    • fertilizer

    • stockfeed

    • refinery products

  • Forklift deliveries






Warehousing is a key component of any supply chain, so getting it right when providing a logistics solution is paramount.


Townsville Transport Services is a strategically superior located facility and a major gateway across North Queensland and has a range of warehousing options.

Full 3rd Party Warehousing and Distribution



  • Full 3rd party warehousing and distribution services – state and nation wide , including full traceability of product down to “batch” and “SKU” levels

  • Full scope domestic logistics services for importers , exporters and international freight forwarders/customs brokers

  • Overflow and short term warehouse storage

Book Us: 47 792 355
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